Sunday, March 13, 2011

Muhasabah Diri....

i was browsing through someone's blog - fyna's blog -
a cute person i can say.
i flipped thru her older post and then "oh..sebelum ni free hair rupanya. cantik sangat! "
however, a woman with hijab is a way more beautiful right?

then i watched her tutorials on wearing hijab. simple steps but somehow i think the style is kinda messy.
but it suits her! =)

later, i wanted to see more tutorials on wearing hijab on youtube.
all videos were nice n i love it!
until i watched a video by someone (i cant remember her name,and malas nak check history =P)
she was showing how to wear hijab but in the same time she had pierce on her nose.
then i scrolled down to see the comments and got this girl commented "salam..kalo tak tindik lagi manis..tu dah kire macam hindu..setahu saya,kal0 kite mengkiut budaya sesuatu kaum,kite termasuk dalam golongan tersebut..c0rrect me if i ws wr0ng.."

erm..what do you think?her videos were all perfect and nice.covering the body and that "part".
but with pierce on the nose?hmm...tak cantik la kan?@_@

ok ok,i know who am i to judge coz myself is not wearing hijab.
but, please, jaga la sikit air muka perempuan lain yang pakai tudung kan?
have you ever see a person wearing hijab with skirt until her knee?
yes, i had seen that!
so,it was some sort of like that.
get it?
ok,dont get it then fine =)

p/s: ok,no one is perfect.entry ni just untuk peringatan diri dan sesama kite =)

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